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Promotional Goods & Promotional Services

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  Novelty Goods
  Anniversary/Mail Order Gifts
  Antivirus Supplies
  DM/Mass Email Services
  Printing Services
  Point-of-purchase Advertising
  Digital Signages
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Advertising and Publicity Supports

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  Advertising Media
  Contents creation & Distribution Service
  Event Planning
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Digital Marketing and Promotion

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  SNS Marketing
  E-commerce Support
  Online Customer Collecting & Analysis
  Solutions For Overseas Visitors/Cross-Border E-commerce/Int'l Business Networking Consulting
  Market Analysis/Customer Analysis
  Online-to-Offline Solutions / Other Marketing Services

Sales Reinforcement/Improvement

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  Customer Management Systems (SFA/CRM)
  Remote Work Support Service
  Support for Making Sales Tools/Consulting of Sales Reinforcement
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  Make novelty goods
・・・Small lot order (1~500 pieces)
  Make original / character products
 Antivirus Supplies  Novelty Goods Aimed at Women
 Manage customer information  Services that can streamline store operations
 Service using SNS  Advertisement service using online applications
 Effective way to more access to the website  Manage business / customer data efficiently
 Effective way to approach potential customers
  Expand Overseas Market/ Find Overseas Customers
 Create impressive contents・・・Movie  Create impressive contents・・・Web
 Create impressive contents・・・Graphics  Support public relations services